Car dumpers and car pushers

Car dumpers and car pushers

Railway transport is the main kind of transport, by means of which bulk materials are transported from the place of extraction to the place of processing. And so, manufacture of reliable machines for railway cars discharge is one of priority tasks.

We received our first task to master mobile tipping car dumpers with side unloading in 1950 and in 1952 the above mentioned machines were delivered to Zaporozhstal and Chelyabinsk Steel Plant being still operating successfully.

Constantly improving the machines, we have mastered the manufacture of mobile bridge bucket-wheel car dumper with side unloading. As compared to the tipping car dumper, the main characteristics of mobile rotary gantry car dumper have been improved up to 30‑50 %.

Each of the above mentioned machines is provided with gantry-type car pushers which draw up coupled railway cars, roll them on to the car dumper and push the empty railway car out.

To dump bulk materials through the roofed railway car lateral doors, the combined car dumpers have been designed and manufactured.

Further, we started manufacturing stationary rotary car dumpers of «ВРС» type («ВРС» means «Stationary Rotary Car Dumper») and ВБСstationary car dumpers with side unloading. For the present moment, we have worked out a new type of car dumper — Car Dumper of «ВРДС» type («ВРДС» means «Rotary Double-Support Stationary Car Dumper»). The car dumpers are delivered together with car pushers travelling along the rail tracks as a set.

The car dumpers which operate in the regions with low negative temperature are delivered complete with special crushing-milling machines. The over machines crush frozen material clods on the over-bin grate.

The last developments of machines allow avoiding operation of frozen material elimination from the railway cars. To rip off material, compressed or partly frozen in the railway car body, we also manufacture special mobile boring-milling rippers. The over rippers are designated as «РБП».

So, the above mentioned machines allow solving a lot of problems connected with railway cars discharge.

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