Blending and stacking-reclaiming equipment

Blending and stacking-reclaiming equipment

The storage yards are an integral part of steel plants, ore mining and processing enterprises, heat power station, cement plants and mines which apply or develop considerable volumes of bulk materials. The storage yards are divided into the following two main types on basis of their functionality: buffer storage yard and ore blending storage yard.

At the buffer storage yards materials are received, stored and discharged with required capacities.

As for the ore blending storage yards besides of the over mentioned capacities, physical properties and chemical composition of bulk materials mixtures are blended here.

Equipment of buffer storage yards includes the following: single-boom and double-boom stackers, rotary boom reclaimers, machines combining functions of stackers and reclaimers, belt conveyors.

The stackers handle material, to be supplied to the storage yard, from the stock yard conveyor belt to the boom-typed conveyor and stack it in a special manner on the storage yard area. At the same time the single-boom non-slewing stackers form the extended piles being located on the one side of the feeding conveyor by means of «chevron» way or with tapered layers being subsequently displaced with «step-by-step» method along the unloading front to provide for a full-profile piling. They are identified as «У1СН» (Single-Boom Non-Slewing Stacker).

The double-boom stackers can form piles to be located on the right and on the left of the stock yard conveyor or on both sides at the same time. They are identified as «У2С» (Double-Boom Stacker).

Unlike non-slewing stackers, the single-boom slewing stackers can provide for piles being located on any side of the feeding conveyor not only by means of «chevron» way but «paths» way. In this case, material segregation influence is reduced on base of size in the cross-sectional plane of the pile. They are identified as «У1СП» (Single-Boom Slewing Stacker).

Materials are reclaimed from the pile and loaded towards the stock yard conveyor with the bucket-wheel reclaimers. Reclaiming is provided from the piles, to be located on the left and on the right of the stock yard conveyor by means of working out horizontal layers with the help of bucket wheel fixed at the machine boom tip. They are identified as «ЗР» (Rotary Reclaimer).

The stacker-reclaimers are a special group of machines combining functions of the stacker and reclaimer. The over machine is a single-boom slewing stacker, at the boom tip of which there's a bucket wheel. To reclaim materials from the pile, the boom-type conveyor is reversed and bucket wheel is connected to reclaim materials from the pile and handle them on the boom-typed conveyor. Materials are handled from the boom-typed conveyor to the stock yard conveyor by means of handling device. They are identified as «УЗР» (Rotary Stacker-Reclaimer).

Normally all machines of this group are traveled along on the rail track being parallel to the axis of the stock yard conveyor and having been laid along the pile foot. In certain cases, to the Customer's request the rotary reclaimers can be equipped with caterpillar travelling mechanisms. Theyareidentifiedas«ЗРГ» (CaterpillarRotaryReclaimer).

Equipment of ore blending storage yards includes the following: single-boom or double-boom stackers, blending machines, conveyors, transfer cars to be combined into the blending plant.

Pile blending to be carried out by the blending plants is the most effective blending method to provide for high quality and properties of bulk materials, as well as to store the considerable volumes of the materials for a long period time.

Blending means the whole process of pile blending consisting of two stages. At the first stage initial materials being supplied to the storage yard, are stacked into piles. At the second stage reclaiming is done from the end face crosswise layers to be stacked and the blended material is to be discharged from the storage yard. And so, blending plant includes the following two types of equipment: stackers providing for layer wise stacking materials into a pile, as well as blending machines providing for reclaiming materials from the pile end face.

In the roofed storage yards the stacker functions are usually provided with a normal double-pulley tripper on the belt conveyor, situated above the pile along the axis of the storage yard compartment.

When stacking the pile, stacker, traveling back and forth along the pile, stacks the materials to be supplied along the pile axis layer by layer, thus, providing for a full-profiled pile. So, there will be several hundred layers and so their influence on each other will not be significant as a result. When finishing stacking the pile will be provided for, equal quantity of each layer will take place in any cross-section of the pile and deviations from average value along the entire pile length will not be significant.

At the second stage blending machine, approaching the pile end face cuts the material off end face by means of blending machine harrow. As the harrow has been installed at an angle, exceeding the angle of friction slope of the piled materials, the layers to be stripped will gravitate along the slope up to the pile foot where the picker is operating. When gravitating along the slope, the material of layers is to be well mixed and blended.

Blended material is conveyed to the stock yard outlet conveyor by means of machine transportation device.

So, during all period of time reclaiming is to be provided for, materials having properties equal to the average value for the entire pile, are to be supplied on the stock yard outlet  conveyor. Depending on type of the picker, several kinds of blending machines can be distinguished.

Blending machines, scraper transporter of which is used as the picker and transportation device, are identified as «УСТ» (Blending Machine with Scraper Transporter).

Blending machines, one or several bucket rotors of which are used as the pickers, are identified as «У1Р», «У2Р» (Single-Rotor Blending Machine, Double-Rotor Blending Machine) and etc.

Blending machines, bucket drum of which is extended over the entire length of the pile foot and is used as the picker, are identified as «УБ» (Drum Blending Machine).

Machines of blending plants of any type operate in the automatic mode, and so, an operator doesn't perform control over them constantly. It is necessary to get clear vision of the over machines' work only. In certain cases machines can operate without operator.

Control has been provided both from the operator's cabin and the central dispatcher post.

Machines interact with the feed conveyor and outlet conveyor.

Control from the central dispatcher post, signaling, technological blocking and telephone communicationare to be provided for by means of flexible cable to be reeled up the machine drum.

Electric energy is to be fed to the machine by means of flexible cable to be reeled up the machine cable drum or through trolleys.

Transfer car has been designed to transport blending machine and in certain cases stacker (without charging car) between ore blending storage yard compartments.

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