Unloading complex bearing the trademark of ORMETO-YUMZ will be supplied to heat power plant in Chelyabinskaya oblast.

Unloading complex bearing the trademark of ORMETO-YUMZ will be supplied to heat power plant in Chelyabinskaya oblast.


Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ has concluded an agreement for supply of an unloading complex for Argayash heat power plant of branch establishment “Power system “Ural” of JSC “Fortum” (Chelyabinskaya oblast). The complex is intended for unloading of loose materials (coal) from gondola cars to storages of the enterprise for following use in work of the power plant.

Supplied equipment includes:

1. CardumperВРС 93-110М.

Designing and manufacturing of this car dumper will be performed on the basis of service-tested structures used in its components.

The main advantages of the supplied car dumper include: improved strength and durability of the rotor given by use of high-rigidity disks; increased service life of the bandages which are forged from high-strength steel (34ХН1М) with complete machining; upgraded structure of the impingement baffles which considerably decreases spillage of material during unloading; electric drive selection concept which enables to improve functioning of corresponding mechanisms  of the car dumper, and, therefore, to increase endurance of the whole of the car dumper.

2. CarpusherВТЭ-22Т1.

This pusher is upgraded with the device which enables to switch off the drive of the pusher being hauled by other engine. Also rolling bearings will be applied in the car pusher instead of bronze bushes of a wheel pair, which will enable to considerably increase reliability and service life of the equipment.

3. TransborderТВ-90.

Use of transborder ТВ-90 in the unloading complex of Argayash heat power plant will enable to considerably reduce the length of railway tracks over the enterprise and to automate formation of an empty train after unloading of gondola cars in the car dumper.

4. Crushing and milling machine ДФМЦ-2А.

This machine is capable to crush blocks of up to 1600 mm. Mill ДФМЦ-2Аwill be equipped with combine teeth which improve performance of crushing process.

5. Unloading complex control system.

The unloading complex control system unites the systems controlling individual machines of the complex and provides visualization of equipment operation for the operator of the complex as well as interchange of information with the system of fuel conveying industrial control system.

All the equipment for Argayash heat power plant is to be supplied in the 1st quarter of 2015; erection and installation are scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2015.

Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ is a traditional supplier of transfer-and-blending equipment which includes – besides unloading complexes consisting of pushers, or positioners, car dumpers, transborders, and crushing and milling machines – stackers, rotary reclaimers, rotary stacking-and-reclaiming machines, bore-mill rippers, blenders,  belt conveyors etc.

Engineering capability of Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ enables to perform integrated supplies of transfer-and-blending equipment for metallurgical works and ore-dressing and processing enterprises, thermal power plants, and for sea and river ports.

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